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Our Business Services team work with small and medium sized clients providing a range of services. To find out more please click on and of the service areas below;


Small Business Types

  • Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Company
  • Groups
  • Unincorporated Charity/Clubs


Accounting Needs

At PKF we can prepare your accounts from first records (invoices, cheque stubs, bank statements) or compile your accounts from information provided such as books of prime entry and trial balances. All accounts will be prepared taking account of all relevant statutory provisions.

PKF can provide you with expert support when you are preparing your year-end statutory accounts. We offer precisely the level of assistance you need, from simply helping you get ready for an audit to undertaking the complete preparation of your accounts.

Our extensive experience in this area covers all kinds of organisations, including limited companies, partnerships, charities, trusts, sole traders, joint ventures and other business entities.

Audit Exemption

The newly introduced Companies Act 2014, has increased the availability of the audit exemption for companies and groups.

The current audit exemption limits are;

  • Balance sheet less than €4,400,000
  • Turnover less than €8,800,000
  • Employees less than 50

For the first time Irish companies which are members of a group and those limited by Guarantee can now avail of the audit exemption.

The small group exemption limits are;

  • Balance sheet less than €10,000,000
  • Turnover less then €20,000,000
  • Employees less than 250


Tax Needs

Our team can assist with all taxation compliance matters as Form 11 (Individuals) or /CT1 (Companies). At PKF we can assist with all ongoing taxes such as payroll taxes, Vat and RCT. We offer a full taxation consultancy.


Payroll Bureau

Our payroll and IPASS consultants will help you navigate a highly complex area of law that has strict penalties for failure to comply. We take care of all the forms and paperwork, organising our schedule to meet your timescales and ensuring that deadlines are met.

PKF utilises a market-leading software package that makes submission faster and more streamlined, and can be designed to integrate with your existing accountancy software.

Vat Returns

Our bookkeeping staff will help you complete and submit your vat return in time. Vat returns can be; bi-monthly, quarterly, four monthly, six monthly and annually depending on your business and your compliance history with revenue.


Revenue has changed their requirements for submission of RCT and it must now be done electronically since 1st January 2012. At PKF we can submit your monthly RCT payments and help ensure you or your subcontractors do not lose the RCT credit if this is not submitted on time.

Management Accounting

In any business, key financial decisions by management must be based on hard data. This makes it vital to have effective management reporting.

We can set up your chart of accounts to ensure that you receive the correct management reports when you need them. We can prepare management accounts monthly or quarterly as appropriate. We can prepare VAT returns based on these reports and assist with the preparation of financial projections. We can also prepare year-end accounts for you, with a fully cross-referenced working paper file ready for submission to the auditors.

Our diverse sector experience means we can also offer you added-value commentary based on variance analysis. With PKF, your management’s decisions will always be fully informed.


PKF can help provide management solutions on a day to day basis to assist in the control of a business and its assets.
Our team can assist with many other matters on which you may require financial advice – areas such as; budgets, planning, assistance with CSO forms, employment matters, general advice etc.

Find out more

To find out more about our Business services please click contact Liam Farrell on [email protected] or call 014961444