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Assurance and advisory are at the heart of what PKF does. Services such as audit, financial reporting and risk management advice provide clients with the stability they need to manage their businesses effectively and achieve their objectives.

Why Choose PKF?

PKF clients range from small owner-managed businesses, partnerships and charities to subsidiaries of listed companies, multinationals and governmental bodies. So whatever your organization’s size, PKF has the right expertise for you. Big or small, your company can benefit from working side by side with an experienced audit partner.

Cost-Effective and Quality Assured Services from PKF

PKF covers a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Internationally, the name of PKF is recognised, respected and associated with the highest standards of independent auditing. By adopting advanced international audit techniques and using the latest technologies, PKF offers an efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive service to every client regardless of their size and location. When you work with us, you get the dual benefit of having a local team backed by an international network.

We will ease your path through the complex world of financial reporting, by taking on the role of your auditor and financial advisor. By using PKF, you can free up valuable internal resources and concentrate on what you do best – growing your business. Partnering with PKF O’Connor, Leddy & Holmes is a cost-effective and flexible solution for achieving your desired business outcomes.

What Do We Offer?

The service comprises two separate but related elements.


As decision makers, clients need to be sure that they are acting on reliable information. They need to be aware of their business risks and know that they are managed effectively. Clients need to have faith and confidence in their underlying systems and controls, and that all aspects of their business are in compliance with key legal requirements. Moreover, our clients need to be able to instill their shareholders, investors and customers with the same confidence. PKF can give them the assurance they need.

Our specialist audit team delivers world-class services in:

  • Statutory audit
  • Group reporting to other PKF network forms or other audit firms
  • Non-statutory audit
  • Grant audits


Statutory Audit

We are approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland as registered auditors and provide full auditing services to ensure compliance with statutory obligations for companies that meet certain size criteria. The current criteria are:

  • A balance sheet total in excess of €4.4m
  • Turnover in excess of €8.8m
  • When number of employees is over 50

We design and implement our audit plans and tests to ensure that we respond to shareholders and management concerns and to provide valuable feedback to stakeholders on the company’s performance.

As part of our auditing processes we seek to address concerns of management and ensure compliance with accounting and auditing standards and company regulations.
Our services include:

  • Statutory audit
  • IFRS / FRS


Group reporting to other PKF network forms or other audit firms

For multinational clients we work with audit firms worldwide to audit the Irish entity within the group and to ensure the group audit is completed within the required time limit. Our audit services are performed under Irish GAAP & IFRS reporting, as required under the group auditing instructions.

Non Statutory Audit Engagement

We also provide audit services for many non-statutory engagements to comply with the respective regulations relating to solicitors, auctioneers, and insurance intermediaries. Our services here encompass designing and implementing procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities in the various sectors. As part of our routines we also seek to provide valuable feedback to owner/managers of performance and on compliance with their various obligations.

Where clients require a report on financial statements or non financial information which does not fall under the requirements of Statutory Audit, PKF can assist by providing independent audit assurance on the integrity of financial statements and can report upon certain other quantifiable information.


PKF helps clients design and improve their systems and arrangements to meet their needs, anticipate problems and find solutions. It is about ensuring that clients’ creative ideas make sense financially.
PKF advisory services include:

  • Accounting services
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Bookkeeping and payroll
  • Internal audit
  • Ad hoc technical advice
  • Needs assessment
  • Business risk services
  • Outsourcing