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We believe that the range of services provided to the Charity & Not for Profit sector should be as broad as the sector itself.

We understand the nature of the sector and the needs of both those working in the sector and more importantly those benefiting from the work of the sector.

We understand that working with this sector involves more than Compliance and Taxation. It involves Understanding, Compassion and Partnership. To work with the sector we have to be able to think in a manner similar to the sector itself and its clients, yet, still bring a high level of professionalism and strategic thinking to the role.

We understand the rapidly changing face of charitable regulation and the challenges facing the sector. Bringing our many years of experience working with the sector we seek to guide and assist Charities & Not for Profits of all sizes in dealing with these changes and challenges.

In addition to Compliance, Accounting and Taxation matters, we have been involved in working with our clients to re-structure and modernise their activities, have provided strategic thinking, and bring a practical approach to all of our dealings with Charity & Not for Profit clients.

Our service offering to charities includes:

  • external audit of charities;
  • internal audit of charities;
  • charity tax exemption;
  • VAT for charities;
  • charity governance reviews;
  • charity risk profiling;
  • HR matters for charities; and
  • corporate governance for charities.

Working with clients in the Charity and Not for Profit Sector, we place a strong emphasis on building a complete understanding of our clients needs.